Online Giving

All that we have is a blessing from God, and from the first fruits of all that we receive, parishioners of Good Shepherd are called to give back a gift which is sacrificial, generous and a response to our union with God through prayer. 


Our lives and our families are very busy, and as citizens in the beautiful state of Colorado, many of us travel or are away from our parish community on several weekends throughout the year. Online Giving provides a very important tool that allows our parishioners to give consistent, necessary support for our parish community and its ongoing programs, even when they are away. In addition, Good Shepherd is a tithing community which means our parish makes a gift of the first portion of our income to the poor.  Members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society then use these funds to assist persons and families in need. So, not only does Online Giving enable us to meet our monthly and weekly financial commitments as a parish, it also allows us to be more generous to the poor as well. 


I would ask you to consider making the commitment of a regular financial gift to our parish through Online Giving. To join in supporting the work of our parish community, please click below to sign up electronically or to print a form which you may submit in the Sunday offering.  


Sign Up for Online Giving Here