"Lastly, there is the [priest's] power of forgiveness. The Sacrament of Penance is one of the Church's precious treasures, since authentic world renewal is accomplished only through forgiveness. Nothing can improve the world if evil is not overcome. Evil can be overcome only by forgiveness. Certainly, it must be an effective forgiveness; but only the Lord can give us this forgiveness, a forgiveness that drives away evil not only with words but truly destroys it. Only suffering can bring this about and it has truly taken place with the suffering love of Christ, from whom we draw the power to forgive."
— Pope Benedict XVI, Homily at Pentecost Mass for Priestly Ordination, May 15, 2005.
Names of the Sacrament
The Sacrament of Reconciliation: In receiving pardon for the offenses we committed against God we are both reconciled with God, from whom we had separated ourselves, and the Church, whose members were wounded by our sin.
The Sacrament of Confession: The disclosure of our sins to the priest is a vital part of the sacrament.
The Sacrament of Conversion: Jesus' call to conversion is made sacramentally present and we take the first step back toward God the Father and his love from whom we have strayed through sin.
The Sacrament of Penance: We must not only repair the damage done to our own souls but the damage inflicted on other through our sin. Penance allows us to make reparations and repair the damage we have cause and helps to configure us toward Christ, who alone expiated our sins once and for all.
The Sacrament of Forgiveness: In the absolution offered by the priest we obtain pardon and peace.  This peace, a foretaste of heaven, includes wholeness, oneness, harmony and right relationships with God, self and others.
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Confession Times

It is no longer necessary to sign up for the Sacrament of Confession at Good Shepherd. Confessions will be heard immediately following the 4:00 p.m. mass every Saturday. (beginning approximately 5:00 pm. – 5:10 p.m.) Confession will be heard until the last penitent has been heard. Confessions will also be heard during the Tuesday Adoration nights.

 1. Confessions are held in the Prayer Room to the left of the main entrance to the Body of the Church.
2. Anyone going to confession has the choice of going anonymously or face to face.
3. All persons coming for Confession must enter through the main Front Doors off of 7th Ave.
4. In the Church all persons are required to wear masks; anyone with any symptoms of a cold, or flue or virus are asked to remain home: coughing, runny nose; sneezing.

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