Pastoral Council

The Good Shepherd Pastoral Council exists to help and support our pastor and the members of his staff in the accomplishment of parish objectives.  This board serves as a consultative body, praying for the well being of the parish, helping to identify parish needs and implementing and evaluating pastoral programs. The Council also assists with encouraging volunteerism and participation by parishioners in the life and ministry of the Church.


The Parish Pastoral Council consists of at least five parishioners who are appointed by the pastor and meets four to six times per year. The members serve for a three-year period and may be named for one additional term. The Good Shepherd Pastoral Council is presided over by our pastor, Rev. James Fox.


2016 Pastoral Council Members:


Rev. James Fox – Pastor

Gary Flander – Chairman

Suann Dell

Rachel James

Jim Lucero

Laura Maresca-Haro

Mark Najarian

Melissa Osborn

Erin Rolf


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If you would like to be considered for an appointment to the Good Shepherd Pastoral Council, please contact Fr. Fox at