Ministry to the Sick, Aged & Homebound

In keeping to that oneness and communion which Christ prayed to God the Father for His Church and the members of the Church; the mother Church takes upon herself the responsibility of caring for her children wherever they may be; especially those who are sick, bound by ill health, those who are carrying the cross of aged weakness that makes it hard, sometimes impossible, for them to be present either in the Eucharistic celebration or in the active life of the parish in which they belong.


In order to serve these brothers and sisters in this difficult time of life, the Church looks to us, her children, who have the blessing of stronger health and the ability to serve. We can serve by charitably sacrificing our time to administer to them through the sacrament of the Eucharist, which joins all to Christ; the sacrament of anointing, which give them spiritual strength and readiness to shoulder their crosses; and visitation, to encourage and give them a hope and a sense of love, care and other blessings. Through this charitable act of service we not only put our membership into practice by helping to build our community of faith, but we draw graces from these good works which strengthen us in our journey of faith.


The Church is inviting you her member to be a part of these ministry, members who take care of the sick, the home bound and the aged. Today they shouldering these crosses of ill health aged or bound at home because of age related weakness, tomorrow it maybe us.


If you feel called to participate in this special ministry, please call Cristin Penning at 303-261-1653.