Lunch Bunch
The Sunday Lunch Bunch Group started about 1913 when it was realized that there are missions who serve food during the week but not on weekends. The Sunday Lunch Bunch was formed to fill this need. We at Good Shepherd have been preparing sandwiches since February 1988.

Every 6 to 8 weeks we meet at 9:30 p.m. on the Saturday of our assigned weekend for about an hour and a half in the church basement. We then take the sandwiches to the Volunteers of America store at 28th and Lawrence Street for distribution on Sunday. Next meeting will be July 17th.

Many people also prepare lunch bags and bring them to the Church before 11:00 a.m. on the Sunday of distribution. Lunches should include two sandwiches, cookies, apple or fruit, or candy bar. Pack what you would like to eat!

All ages are invited, as this is a great way to show children how by serving others, we help ourselves. Jesus said we are to help the least of our brothers and sisters. So, we ask you to follow in His footsteps with us.
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