Updates from Good Shepherd
Updated Mask Guidance
Recent changes in guidelines for wearing masks requires some clarification about the practice at Good Shepherd. Like a private home where you as an individual or family set the practices for those entering your home, Parish Churches are private buildings which welcome the faithful of a community. They are not space where we can do as we please. A parish pastor provides guidelines after consultation, just as any parent does in their personal home. These guidelines are not mandated by the government or departments of public health, but are developed in consultation with them along with other sources. They are simply choices which we make as a parish family for the sake of each other and they guide our interactions.

 · Viruses do not disappear by the mandate of any public health agency or governing body. They have a life of their own. Cold and flu viruses have been present for a long time. While the spread of the covid virus has been limited by the wearing of masks, social distancing, good hand washing practices, and vaccinations, it has not been eliminated. It may never be eliminated and we may have to learn how to live with it.

 · Guidance from public health agencies now suggests that those who have been fully vaccinated and are two weeks beyond their final vaccination may now be present both outdoors and indoors without mask wearing. This guidance carries a suggestion that if you are not able to maintain six feet of distance from another person whom you don’t know, wearing a mask indoors is still a recommendation.

 · Unvaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks. This applies to any child under the age of 11 who is not yet able to be vaccinated. Many of our youth are just getting their vaccinations. Some families will elect not to get their children vaccinated.

 · This presents the real challenge for each of you regarding wearing a mask at Good Shepherd. You will have to make the best decision for your health AND for the health of others. This is not about what’s best for me or my personal likes or dislikes, or my personal freedom. We are community, a family and our responsibility is to help each other whether we like some of the limitations or not.

 · People whose health may be compromised may elect to wear a mask for some time to come. There should never be any shaming of those who make that choice.

 · Parents who are fully vaccinated may elect to wear masks in solidarity with their children who are unvaccinated simply as an act of charity and solidarity.

 · We will not have anyone checking vaccination cards at the entrance to the Church. This requires unvaccinated persons to make careful decisions. We welcome you too; we ask you to be cautious and courteous, because this virus can still infect others causing inconvenience, serious illness, long term consequence and even death.

 · Even vaccinated people are still at some risk. Breakthrough infections have been minimal and mortality from a breakthrough infection remains low – but not eliminated altogether.

 · We ask that anyone showing symptoms of cough, sneezing, headache, loss of a sense of taste or smell, and fever refrain from participating in public masses until symptoms subside. There surely can be many reasons for such symptoms, but without testing it is not known if something is an allergy, a cold, or flu.

 · These guidelines are provisional and could change if infections increase again.

 I remain grateful to all of you for your support and your cooperation over this past year. I pray that our prudence going forward will help create a new and safe normal for all of our parishioners.

- Fr. James Fox, Pastor
Resuming Public Masses

Sunday Obligation

“There is nothing so great as the Eucharist. If God had something more precious, He would have given it to us.”
~ St. Jean Vianney

 As of May 23, 2021, the bishops of Colorado have restored the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

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Mass Times

Weekend Mass Schedule
 4:00 pm
7:00 am l 8:30 am l 10:00 l noon l 5:00 pm

 Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday - Friday
7:30 am

Public Masses

As we come back together as one family in Christ to worship please read the guidelines above for attending Mass. As one family we have co-responsibility with one another to create a safe worship environment. The above statement will help you discern your role in this mission.

Confession at Good Shepherd
Procedure For Sacrament Of Confession
It is no longer necessary to sign up for the Sacrament of Confession at Good Shepherd.

Confessions are held on Saturday after the 4:00 p.m. mass (about 4:50 -5:00 p.m.) until all confessions are heard; and on the Second Tuesday during Eucharistic Adoration – 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Confessions are held in the Prayer Room to the left of the main entrance to the Body of the Church. Anyone going to confession has the choice of going anonymously or face to face. In the Church all persons are required to wear masks; anyone with any symptoms of a cold, or flue or virus are asked to remain home: coughing, runny nose; sneezing.
Financial Support
As Pastor, I continue to work diligently with the Pastoral Council and Finance Committee to ensure the financial health and stability of our parish and school. I clearly understand the economic hardships that everyone is experiencing as a result of this pandemic and all that might follow in the days to come. 

Gratefully, over the past several years, more and more Good Shepherd parishioners have moved to online giving through WeShare. This has helped to stabilize our offertory and will be particularly important as we navigate the next several weeks and/or months. For this reason, we are taking this moment to ask those of you who have not already done so to please consider moving your contributions to online giving if possible.  You may elect to make a one-time gift or make a regularly occurring contribution to the Parish offertory. If you need assistance with this, please call our Parish Office and speak to our Receptionist Sabrina Montoya at 303-261-1020. She can walk you through the steps to get signed up.
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